Breeds and Varieties: SC Light Brown Leghorns, SC White Leghorn Bantams, SC Golden Leghorn Bantams, SC Rhode Island Red Bantams, Black Rosecomb Bantams, Runners: Penciled, Gray & Black, Muscovys: Black, Blue, Silver & Chocolate, Buff Ducks,  Brown African Geese, Bronze Turkeys, Guineas in 11 Colors, & India Blue Peafowl.


Jacob Bates



2010 Light Brown Leghorn Pullet

Reserve Champion Mediterranean 2010 APA National

2010 Buff Duck Hen

Best of Breed 2010 APA National

Rhode Island Red Pullet

2011 Young African Gander (13 weeks old)

2010 Light Brown Leghorn Bantam Cockerel

2010 Penciled Runner Young Male

2011 Hatch Buff Hen

2011 Hatch Buff Drake

2011 Hatch Penciled Runner Drake

2011 Black Runner Drake

Reserve Champion Waterfowl,

Pine Bluff, AR 9-29-11

Champion Heavy Duck

Pine Bluff, AR 9-29-2011



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